Cancellation at short notice


Sometimes things don't pan out the way we plan them and you may find yourself in a position of having to cancel a workshop you are booked onto. I don't look to benefit from this happening to you (and therefore don't charge re-arrangment or administration fees). In fact, I want you to come and do your workshop at another time! At the same time however, I cannot find myself in a position of losing money everytime this happens. So this is what I will do:


I will immediately try to fill your space by advertising it on my website and Facebook site. If I do fill it, then you can simply rearrange your workshop with me for another time that suits you.


If, however, the workshop had been fully booked and I cannot find a replacement for you, I will offer you a place on a workshop on which I have availability - but this will be on relatively short notice: 3 days before the workshop if there is only one place left and 5 days before the workshop if there is more than one place left. I will keep you up to date with availability so you can plan ahead for the possibility of being offered a place on a particular day and I will keep offering you a place, as and when possible, until we find a suitable date. 


This has worked extremely well in the past and is a fair system of making sure no-one loses out.