We make various sizes of baking steels, all of which you can find in the Shop.


Our rectangular (40cm x 30cm), round (32cm diameter) and square (30cm x 30cm) steels are all 6mm thick.


By popular demand, we are also going to offer slightly smaller round steels (with a diameter of 26cm and 4mm thickness) - as well as fitting into smaller ovens and being super portable so you can take them on camping trips, these will also fit into the Kamado Joe Jr and rectangular steels (33.6cm x 34.2cm and 4mm thickness) to fit the Ooni 3 and Ooni Koda pizza ovens. These allow you to make wonderfully, crispy pizza bases (no more soggy bottoms as often happens in the Kamamdos and Big Green Eggs) at much lower temperatures than you need with the conventional pizza stones which have a tendency to lose heat and, worst of all, can break!


Why Steel?


Steel is so much better than ordinary bread or pizza stones due to the fact that it absorbs, stores and transmits energy much, much more efficiently than stone. It is also indestructible and really easy to look after! Our steels are made from mild steel and sourced in the UK and Europe - we never use Chinese steel.


Initial Care


Apply a little rapeseed or olive oil to the steel using a lint-free cloth. Remove any excess oil with a paper towel. Don’t worry about dark residue on the paper towel, this is normal until the steel has been sealed. You can then store the steel until you are ready to use it or go straight to sealing it as outlined below. 


Sealing your steel


The first time you want to use your steel, preheat your oven to 250 degrees (or as high as it goes if it does not go up to 250 degrees).


When your oven is hot, place the lightly oiled steel inside and keep it there for around 45 minutes. The oil will burn off and seal the steel, darkening its appearance in the process. After this time, the steel is sealed, preheated and ready to be used. 


It is a good idea to oil the steel and seal it, as above, a couple more times as and when you use it. The colour will further darken and the steel will be easier to clean should you have any leaks from pizza toppings etc in the future. 


Using your steel


We like to preheat our steels for at least 30 minutes at a high temperature (250 degrees or as close to it as your oven can manage) before using them for bread or pizza. 


You can keep your steel in your oven at all times if you wish. You can bake directly on the steel although we do prefer to use baking paper or reusable parchment when making pizzas or other foods where ingredients might leak onto the steel - purely as it makes cleaning the steels easier and bread and pizzas glide more easily from peel to steel.


Cleaning your steel


We don’t often feel we need to use water on the steels to clean them as any leaks normally burn to a crisp on the steels and are then really easy to remove but should you wish to do so, do make sure you dry the steel properly in a hot oven afterwards instead of air-drying it to prevent rusting. Any rust that has developed due to air-drying can easily be removed with steel wool. 


Any questions, please feel free to ask!