Oval Wood Pulp Banneton without ridges

Oval Wood Pulp Banneton without ridges

The dimensions of this oval bannetong are 23cm x 11cm, making it ideal for loaves weighing between 500 and 1kg.


It is ideal for producing authentic, artisan loaves. It is made of wood pulp (predominantly defibered conifer wood (spruce) and so it is 100% pure and natural).


It is much better suited for sourdough bread baking than cane bannetons because:


1.     it affords better heat absorption which is advantageous as most home bakers do not have a proofing cabinet;


2.     it is easier to extract the dough as it doesn't stick to the creases of the wood pulp bannetons, unlike those made of cane;


3.     it has better moisture absorption (giving it back to the dough as needed) - this improves the rising of the dough;


4.     ecologically, this material is better than cane. Spruce is locally available and renewable. While cane is also renewable, it is grown in Indonesian virgin forests and has to be shipped thousands of miles to Europe; and


5.     it is easier to clean.



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