My name is Judith Starling. I came to the UK from Germany, aged 14.  I grew up in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, in a little village with 3 bakeries, producing their own breads, on site, every day.


Having eaten sourdough bread until then, I always struggled with the fluffy, mostly white, bread that was presented to me at school, and later on, in the shops in the UK. It became easier to buy good bread a few years ago when artisan bakeries started to spring up in London. However, having left the big smoke for Oxfordshire in order to raise our two young children, I felt like I was going back to square one in my quest for real bread.


I had been making bread in a breadmaker for 10 years when I came across an article about wild yeast.

 I was hooked.


I created my own Oxfordshire wild yeast starter and have been baking with it for several years. 

I have also acquired the famous San Francisco strain, a 15 year old Dorset wild yeast starter, as well as several sourdough starters from bakeries in North Rhine-Westphalia, the home of sourdough bread. I merely renew these with water and flour and use them as natural leaven in my breads. 


I trained and worked as a corporate lawyer in the City before we had our children. Now our youngest has started school, it is time for me turn to something I feel passionate about. Not the law but the bread!


Let me show you how easy it is to make your own, healthier and tastier, breads at home. 

Contact me for course details and availability at:


Join the real bread, wild yeast revolution!! 



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