Kefir is a fermented drink which contains a diverse community of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Kefir is produced by kefir grains. There are two different types of kefir - milk kefir and water kefir.


 Kefir "grains" are not really grains at all but symbiotic cultures shaped like small cauliflower florets (in the case of milk kefir grains) and translucent crystals (in the case of water kefir grains).





Kefir is a powerful probiotic which has enjoyed well-deserved attention recently due to the beneficial impact it has on our gut microbiome. There have been a number of news articles, medical publications, TV and radio programmes about kefir, gut bacteria and our microbiome and more and more discoveries are being made that link the bacteria that live in (or are sadly absent from!) our digestive system to all manner of ailments, from mental health to obesity. 


This BBC article from 31 January 2017 accompanied Dr Michael Mosley's "Trust Me I'm A Doctor" episode on the gut microbiome and specifically probiotics and kefir:


You can read about the findings of the "Trust Me I'm A Doctor" episode here:


Kefir has been part of my sourdough workshops since the beginning as I felt that it was a good fit with the story of (sourdough) grain fermentation. I have now decided to also run separate, shorter, kefir workshops so that people who are not necessarily interested in making their own bread may nevertheless learn about this wonderful probiotic liquid. 


The workshops take place in Shippon, on the outskirts of Abingdon, some 6 miles from Oxford. A workshop last about one hour and in that time I will give you lots of information and background to this "superfood", show you how to prepare the kefir and how to maintain healthy kefir grains that can last a lifetime. You will then take away some of my live grains and all the equipment and information you need to start your own production of kefir at home.

The cost of a workshop is £45 per person. 


I also sell my water and milk kefir grains in the Shop on this website. 


Contact me on  for available spaces on workshops already scheduled or to arrange a date and time that suits you.